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Fully Automated

Self Updating

Maintenance Free

No Experience Necessary

Well you've come to the right place

I create either Websites with built-in Estores, Auctions, News & Videos or I create Article Websites with auctions, videos , Great Articles & Load both of them with all your affiliates so you get paid big $$$$.

Sounds to good to be true? Right....

Well here is a breakdown of both of them

Built-In Amazon Astores, Ebay Auctions & more

Amazon astore

All websites are completed, fully automated & run themselves, all items are drop shipped to your customer, there is no inventory to keep, no merchant accounts to handle, no credit card transactions to handle, no packing, shipping or customer service, and you always get the most current items. Everything is taken care of and you can work from home promoting your site. 

  New items are added automatically and discontinued items are removed automatically, ensuring your site always has the most recent content at the lowest prices anywhere. Your new store has some of the most cheapest prices online to keep you competitive and to keep your customers coming back.


Live auction section powered by RSS Feeds, affiliated with the Ebay Partner Network System.

 The RSS Feeds are designed to display what ebay considers to be the most relevant and best matching items for your site.

 When your visitor clicks on one of your auction listings on this site, eBay's tracking system links your visitors to your affiliate account for the next 7 days. So when that visitor goes on to either use "But It Now" on any listing at ebay, or place a bid on any auction at ebay [that they go on to win] within those 7 days, you are paid a commission. What items they win, or how many items, does not matter. Even items totally unrelated to you site all count. You will earn you commissions from eBay on all these sales.

eBay Referrals Income - Earn cash by promoting eBay. You will earn up to $35.00 for each active registered user you refer.


Google Adsense

This website comes with Adsense ads  All ads have been fully optimized to generate high click through rates. Google Adsense only place relevant ads suited to the content on this website. Each time a visitor to your site clicks on one of those ads you will be paid. The visitor doesn’t even need to buy anything! They just click and you make money


Yahoo adsense - is another option for you also


Commission Junction

Global leader in Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing.  Drive quality results, deliver superior service. Hundreds of Top Companies want you to sell their products.

Shopping Ads

Your site is monetized with live merchant listings. ShoppingAds allows you to make money by displaying relevant merchant ads on your website. When your visitors click on the ads you can make money on a CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per acquisition) basis.

There is no cost to become a partner with these high paying merchants &  There are no guarantees as to merchant partner approval.

Your site is updated everyday - which Search Engines love. 

 Professional web design

Privacy Policy Page- (NOTE: ALL Adsense Companies are going to require this page on Every Adsense Site, Some already do ) 

See some sample sites that I have created



Article Websites with Built in easy ADMIN area

These sites have RSS Feeds updated daily, Great Articles, Great shopping , downloads & more.

 SEO Keyword Article Management System

SEO Friendly RSS Feeds

Affiliate Product Placement

Easy Push-Button Updates

Add New Rotating Content With Ease

Brand New Admin Area for Every Site

Edit and Add articles in the Admin Interface

Add and Delete Keywords in the Admin Interface

Keyword Article Management System

TOS, Privacy, Links, Contact Pages, Editable in the Admin Interface

Robots.txt and Custom Error Page

Configuration File Editable in the Admin Interface

Rotating Phrases for Title, Description and Headlines

Image Rotation Next to Adsense and Affiliate Ads

Dynamic Links Pages with One File to Edit for the Layout

Over 85 Different Topics available.

If you see a topic that interest you, I can create the site for

you  for $4.99 as long as you get a domain name (Which I

can assist you with) Hosting for these are $4.99 a Month.

Here are some sample sites



Either website business has several income sources, provided by these affiliate accounts.

Not all sites have them all, but they vary


    & Shopping Ads

I will integrate your affiliate id's into this website business for you, ready for you to start earning. Don't worry if you do not already have any of the affiliate accounts required for this website business, I will send you the info on getting them. They are quick, free and easy to obtain . As soon as I receive payment notification from Paypal of your winning bid amount, I will email you with with all the details of the transfer process. To ensure my emails do not end up in your spam folders simply add me as a contact to your email , especially if you are using Yahoo or Hotmail. My contact address is  sales@webdesignbysp.com  Don't worry if you forget to do this,  I will also message you through Ebay with the details of the transfer process, just to ensure you get them.

Upon reply with the required information, you will have the entire website setup with your id's and transferred over to you quickly as possible so you can start earning $$$$$.





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